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Writing & Editing

I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
—Mark Twain

Every one of us has a unique story to tell, but sometimes we need help bringing that story to the page. I offer a range of affordable advisory and editorial services for emerging as well as established writers, including:

  • Full manuscript copyediting/ developmental editing covering spelling, grammar, syntax, active/passive construction, concision, narrative mode, clarity, sentence/paragraph/chapter organization/flow and basic formatting, readability, evaluating connection with intended audience.
  • Partial edit to enable writer to identify and make needed revisions throughout manuscript.
  • Fact-checking and research
  • Sensitivity reading
  • Rewriting or ghost writing
  • Evaluation of manuscript without editing
  • Advice on publishing options
  • Tailored writing prompt packages

I’m so grateful to Ellen for the detailed, insightful feedback she offered on my manuscript. It was more helpful than I could have imagined! The story is stronger, I’m happier with it, and I’m absolutely confident it’s ready now to share with the world.

From an award-winning contemporary novelist

After receiving stellar recommendations for Ellen from an award-winning novelist, I asked her to edit my novel. Her work was nothing short of marvelous, with  exacting, perceptive, creative suggestions. Ellen’s smart and skilled. Her laser focus on everything from mechanics to structural and conceptual components took my manuscript to a new level. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.

From a contemporary novelist

Ellen’s careful reading and suggestions gave me the confidence and tools to make my story better. She identified the sticking parts and flat language, never missing a clue that wasn’t followed up on or an emotion that was out of sync. She’s an owl, sharp-sighted and wise.

From a historical and contemporary novelist

Ellen provided me with the ability to see both creative and organizational aspects of my writing that I could not clearly observe in myself, allowing me to understand my project on a much deeper personal level than I could have imagined.

From an educator and therapist

With a sixth sense for plot and story, strong command of language, syntax, and conventions, and eagle-eyed attention to detail, Ellen transformed a good manuscript into an excellent manuscript. With a sharp wit, and even sharper editing pen, Ellen communicates easily and quickly. An excellent professional editor for works of fiction who is an award-winning fiction writer herself.

From an award-winning historical novelist

As a debut novelist, Ellen’s guidance helped me hone my characters for consistency and believability. Her eye for detail in voice, dialogue, and spotting phrases and declarations which required further research to validate, was invaluable in creating authentic historical fiction.

From a historical novelist

Ellen is exceptionally talented and instructive and has inspired me to write creatively, passionately and clearly. With her encouragement, my writing turned from second-rate to words of intelligence. Very approachable, her artistic ability is a benefit to everyone.

From a researcher and historian

Ellen is very good at what she does, and put me on a better course.

From a nonfiction writer