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July 2017
– Hitting the Mindset Reset Button

May 2017
– Confronting the Ominous New Age of Autism Awareness

April 2017
– The real “real world” you want for your child with autism, and how to get there

December 2016
28 Timeless, Trendless Thought Bytes for Gifting a Child with Autism

March 2016
 “I think my dad is on the autism spectrum”

April 2015
– You’re Doing Fine

December 2014
– The R-Word You Want for Your Child with Autism

August 2014
– Dude, where’s my IEP? Ten Things Parents of Children with Autism Want Principals to Know

June 2014
– Smarts and Crafts: Message in a Birdhouse

March 2014
– Autism Misconceptions for Smarties

October 2013
– Ten Things Your Child with Autism Wishes You Wouldn’t Share

June 2013
– Holding Up the Mirror of Accountability

April 2013
– Autism awareness is not enough

March 2013
– The Cat’s Pajamas: Demystifying idioms for concrete thinkers