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The River by Starlight, a century-old story rich with themes that resonate uncannily and powerfully today, makes a timely book club selection. Questions for group discussion are included in the book.

Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew is a popular book club and support group choice. Includes more than 70 chapter-by-chapter questions for group discussion or self-reflection.

Our book club had the double pleasure of not only reading The River by Starlight, but the author herself came to our discussion and was a genuine pleasure, bringing gifts for all along with her quick wit and entertaining discussion skills.  We all loved the book and Ellen . . . pure joy.

Carolyn A., Lakewood Book Club

All of us loved having Ellen join us. Besides writing so beautifully, she’s warm, funny and kind. She is now an honorary Sticky Note Sister.

Bev S., Sticky Note Sisters Book Club

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