Where in the World is The River By Starlight ?

26 states. 13 countries.
Join the tour! Send Ellen your photos.

Morocco Edition! High in the the Atlas Mountains on the way to Casablanca with my inimitable friend Carolyn

Living history! Adam’s real-life great-grandnieces Heather and Ceora in Flagstaff, Arizona

This sculpture in Billings, Montana is the very embodiment of a little girl in the early pages of TheRiverByStarlight

At Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, where Ashley Sweeney reports that “Even Leonardo da Vinci recommends The River by Starlight.”

From the Tree of Life in Jau, Bahrain
Leshay tells us “The roots go down over 50m. There’s scarcely any water sources or rain. Some say this is the original place of the Garden of Eden. How does the tree survive? Marvels of the world.”

Jake and Elwood Edition! Because ♫♬♫ everybody needs somebody to love ♬♫♬

“Hey Zeke, check this out! ‘They’d hiked four miles upriver, wading into a pocket where bass and walleye gathered.’ Road trip!”

Atlanta Botanical Garden

In the mists of
Charmouth, England


The River by Starlight: it’s what’s for lunch in old San Antonio.

Chicago Botanical Garden with Linnaeus

“Never miss a good chance to shut up” (and read). ~Will Rogers
Tulsa Oklahoma

Grand Central Station, New York
with Barbara Linn Probst

Summer reading recommendation from none other than Stuart Little.
Abilene TX Storybook Garden

Sweet shot of Pegasus reading the back cover of The River by Starlight–looking for those references to himself?
At the Tucson Arizona airport.

Petra, Jordan
Thank you, Linda Hamati!

Flyin’ high in
Dayton, Ohio

Owerri, Nigeria
Thank you, Rebecca Clark-Bash

Chicago, Chicago
That toddlin’ town!

Jaipur, India
with Rebecca Clark-Bash at the old city palace of the royal family.

Eugene, Oregon with … Ken Kesey? Ken Kesey!

Buddha does Boise Idaho
with Laurie “Tuesdays with Laurie” Buchanan

Bali Bar Book Club, Merritt Island Florida
  grew so big, they had to split into two groups. So I got two wonderful evenings with readers of The River by Starlight and their thoughtful and incisive questions.

John Wayne and the Western Writers of America Spur Award winner for Best First Novel
Santa Ana California

With Lady Science at the Boston Public Library

On the Portland Oregon Esplanade with Mayor Vera

“‘Adam SEALS the envelope with a clenched fist …’ Bloody hell! What’d we ever do to him?”

Shemanski Fountain, Portland Oregon
“Holy Ruth-at-the-well!” The cousins slap each other’s shoulders. “Forty years makin’ ice cream and we find out we’re in the wrong business.”

Speaking of ice cream . . .
Okinawa, Japan

Whale of a great beach read in
Depoe Bay, Oregon

Happy hour in
Dunnville, Ontario, Canada

Everyone reads!
Halloween in Boston, Massachusetts

McMinnville, Oregon with Ben
“Women are books, and men the readers be.” -Poor Richard.

“…saucer-sized cookies . . . ten one-cup ingredients . . . raisins and walnuts . . . chocolate bits . . . coconut . . . oatmeal . . . peanut butter . . . hey, Ma! Did you read Chapter 15?!”

Missoula Montana
on the Clark Fork River

Jacksonville Oregon with pioneer photographer Peter Britt

Miners in Jacksonville Oregon
strike gold with The River by Starlight

Yo! in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
with Rocky Balboa

Madison Wisconsin
with Jaron Bernstein

Lagos, Nigeria with Rebecca Clark-Bash

William Clark reads about the river he named
Pompey’s Pillar, Montana

En route to Maui Hawaii with Carolyn A.

Boston College with the Golden Eagle

Lucy in a Suitcase Book Group of Ashland, Oregon just might be the best name ever.
Certainly some of the best reader-friends ever.
Thank you, dearling Anjie Reynolds!

Navesink River, Rumson, NJ

Beach read!
Studland, Dorset, England

A Canadian in Crete!

Among beautiful things in
Auckland, New Zealand

Somewhere in
southern Alabama

Garden Valley, Idaho

On the waterfront at
Annapolis, Maryland

Family read!
Marshall, North Carolina

Beautiful reader in
Norfolk, Virginia

Mama Bears need their own reading time.
Abilene, TX Storybook Garden


Doin’ Dallas, Texas


Otterly adorable in
Summerville, South Carolina


Chillin’ at
Icicle Creek, Washington


Aloha from the north shore of
Oahu, Hawaii


Dogwood time in
Knoxville, Tennessee


The River by Starlight Road Trip stops in
Fargo, North Dakota