Then and Now: Island Park, Mayville, North Dakota

Adam Fielding lived his coming-of-age years in Traill County, North Dakota near the turn of the 20th century. It’s easy to imagine the role Island Park in Mayville might have played in his life. My first look at Island Park was this postcard, gentlemen in their Sunday best rowing their parasol-shaded ladies around the lagoon. The park reverberated year round [...]

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A Stitch in Time

Rod Stewart got it right. Some guys—and gals—have all the luck. Some guys and gals have ancestors who left them treasure troves of photographs, letters, books, diaries, heirloom possessions. They can look into the eyes of their own history, turn the same pages their ancestors turned, hold in their hands the same beloved objects. Then there are the elusive forebears [...]

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